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What I do and why:

I have a passion to draw. It has been and continues to be fun and exciting to see how my art develops. It’s my hope that others will get lost in the detail, enjoy some memory that’s sparked or share an interest as I do in one of my subjects.

All artwork, images and designs are hand-drawn with pen and ink.

Within the borders of each of my drawings I will cover every square inch with a combination of black and white geometric shapes and designs, which may or may not relate to the central theme of the drawing. Those designs serve to add dimension and depth to the drawing and to draw your attention to the main subject. In some cases they are put there simply because I like the design. Strategically placed within each drawing is a predominant line that zigzags from its origin, usually at an outside boarder, and ending with my signature logo. You will also find one or more stars in each drawing as a reminder of this great country we live in. I do not take my freedom for granted but give honor to those who fought so hard for that freedom. Also displayed is a checkerboard pattern which represents the good and evil we are faced with in this life on a daily basis.  It’s a reminder that God has a plan for me and for others who believe in Him to someday rescue us from this world of destruction to be with Him, forever. The themes in each of the drawings are random, depending on what moved me that day or moment and will usually, but not always, have a historical bent. 

Print paper and ink specifications:
Original drawings are scanned by a professional and printed on Archival – Sunset Airdried Matte 285 G/M2 paper with Archival-Aqueous UV safe ink.

NOTE: Framed drawings are done with non-glass black stockholm poster frames, suitable for hanging.

Custom Harley

Motorcycles are very popular around the world and have been for years. However, when someone mentions "motorcycle" to me I immediately think of Harley Davidson. There are a number of top brands, but "Harley" seems to be the icon among bikes. This drawing features a customized Harley accompanied by various graphics, different bike style silhouettes, flames and pin striping. I even threw in a few pistons for effect and a bike chain running from top to bottom. And as always you'll find checkers and stars somewhere in the drawing. Enjoy.

In the Fifties

Since I grew up in the fifties I decided to do something from that era. My favorite car back then was a 1949 Mercury coupe, chopped. I never owned one but saw several cruising the streets. As the drawing progressed I decided to add more to the fifties theme, including a girl wearing a poodle skirt, James Dean, Elvis and a Coke bottle, the drink of choice for most of us back them. The black and white line that cuts through the drawing actually continues in another image called In the Sixties.

Clipper Ship

Yes, another ship. Only this time instead of a man-o-war with guns this one’s a clipper ship without guns. During the sailing days there were many clipper ships that carried goods of all kinds around the world and were often attacked by pirates. Typical of most merchant type ships they carried extra sails to capture the wind for greater speed to both deliver goods on time and to outrun pirates. This drawing features the ship, a compass, a helm wheel and lots of graphics.

WWII Fighter Planes

Okay, I love planes and ships! I don’t necessarily agree with war but the planes that were featured during those times were quite fascinating. This drawing shows an explosion of planes, but you’ll have to look very closely to see all that’s there. The central theme shows an F4U Corsair pealing to the left, a P51 Mustang flipping upside down and a P47 Thunderbolt flying in the opposite direction. Also included are several other fighter silhouettes. 

In the Sixties

After finishing  In the Fifties I drew one from the sixties. This was my wife’s era and so I included a 1957 Chevy, which she actually drove as a teen. I also included a surfer and his board, a Pepsi bottle and some pin stripping and flames, all sixties stuff. As you can see the black and white line running through the drawing is an extension from In the Fifties. 


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Capturing a time from our American history, this drawing depicts our adventurous pioneers who forged westward in the 1800's in covered wagons. Included are a number of western symbols and mixed graphics.


This drawing came about when a friend asked me to draw a squirrel for a friend of his from work whose nickname is “Squirrel”.

I don’t normally draw what others request because there is the potential of having it turn out differently than what they had had in mind.

Fortunately he was pleased. As a bonus, having this drawing allowed me to surprise a neighbor who loves squirrels. Great fun!

Sailing Into The Sunset

Ships have always fascinated me, especially the old sailing ships. Having sailed on Navy ships for years, watching the sunset melt into the horizon, I was compelled to draw something along those lines. The sea, when calm, is a peaceful, tranquil place where the trials of everyday life just seem to slip away. During the many hours it took to pen this drawing I had a lot of time to reflect on a more serene period of my life.

The Double Edged Sword

This drawing resulted from a discussion I had with a friend regarding the “Double Edged Sword” spoken of in the Bible. After my research I discovered there were literally hundreds maybe even thousands of double-edged swords that have been fashioned throughout history. I selected six that caught my eye due to the intricacy of design. I had no idea what to do for a background but chose black squares broken with various patterns and as always you will find stars and checkerboards.

Great Northern Coming Home

This drawing features a Great Northern steam locomotive passenger train returning to Spokane as it’s crossing the Spokane River atop the Great Northern trestle that began at Fort George Wright and ended at Kendal Yards, just south of Spokane’s iconic Natatorium Park. Sprinkled throughout the drawing are silhouettes of old vintage steam locomotives from various railroads, ranging from the late 1800’s to the early1900’s. Finally there are random railroad symbols including various embellished locomotive drive wheels.

Endless Space

Space is a fascinating subject and when you think of what America did in the early days of space exploration using the mighty Saturn Rockets, I felt compelled to capture what was in my mind’s eye. It piques your curiosity and stimulates your imagination attempting to know what is out there, that we have yet to discover. We are such a miniscule part of what appears to be EndlessSpace. My granddaughter likes this one and has it hanging in her dorm.

He Has Risen

At first glance one would think this drawing is a religious piece, but look a little closer. It’s really more historical than religious. On the left side of the drawing are Jewish or Hebrew symbols while on the right, Roman. It took both groups in collaboration to accomplish what Christ had already foretold. The Jewish leaders considered Jesus a threat to their ritualistic religious doctrines and their personal prominence and thus wanted Him killed. However, by law, only the Romans could carry that out, which they finally did to ensure there wouldn’t be a Jewish uprising. Christ was crucified but He rose from the dead, according to scripture, as He said He would. You will notice behind the cross are some of the various names of God as spelled-out throughout the Bible. Notice that the only star is the Star of David and the predominant line in this drawing never touches the border and has one continuous line. 

The Dark Knight

I’m not sure if I was reading a book or watching a movie when this came to mind.  I just started thinking about knights and castles and dragons and coat of arms. So, there you have it, The Dark Knight. The scrolling banner stretched around the knight bears no specific significance. Overall, it seemed to fit in.

B17’s over Berlin

This is the very first drawing that launched my pen and ink art career. The focal point is two B17’s flying through stormy weather to get to Berlin in World War II.  During 1943 and 1944 many bombing raids were conducted in an attempt to stop Hitler’s reign of terror on Europe.  Many US planes were lost but over time the bombings contributed to the fall of Germany.

In the Depths of the Sea

This drawing was especially fun. I began with the diver’s helmet not knowing what I would do next. The thought came to me where there was a diver there just had to be a shark, so I added one. Then the creative floodgates opened leading me to insert a variety of other marine life along with a splash of underwater foliage, coral and bubbles. With closer observation you’ll discover that the drawing appears as though it were being viewed from underwater. There are a lot of wavy twists and turns when it comes to the various graphics drawn to depict the distortion effect one would have looking through water. This is one of those drawings where the longer you look at it the more you will see things you missed at first glance. Hope you enjoy it.

Board Games of Old

Okay, this was fun. I may be dating myself, but these are a few of the board games from my youth. Some of them still exist today! The whole drawing incorporates the theme…. games everywhere. Not much else to say. If you like games you’ll really get into this drawing.

Enola Gay – B-29

In the Pacific during World War II, toward the end of the war, the B-29 was used extensively. The most famous of them was the Enola Gay. It not only made several bombing runs on Japan but it also delivered the decisive blow to end the war when it dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. In the drawing I show the B-29 as a symbol of freedom with the American flag above it. I also include silhouettes of different fighter planes used during the war.

21st Century Clock Tower – 20th Century Steam Engine

The theme of this drawing centers on the past and the present. The past is one of several steam engines that in the 1950’s sat on tracks located in front of the Great Northern Depot in Spokane, Washington. The Clock Tower is all that’s left today of the old depot, depicting the present. 
The diesel locomotive silhouette on the right is what was used by the Great Northern in the fifties when they phased-out steam. The one on the left is what is being used today by the BNSF railroad, formerly the Great Northern or GN.Woven through the drawing are five drive wheelsthat were used on various locomotives in the past.

About The Artist

Larry Lee Bergman

Over a period of fifty plus years, he has dabbled in art using pencil, pastels and ink. He was unable to seriously develop what has clearly become a passion until after his retirement in 2012. Talent that had lain dormant, surfaced, and since then he's dedicated his time to his love of pen and ink drawing. Themes vary and germinate from anything that piques his interest and captures his imagination at the time. Larry's complex pen and ink drawings incorporate geometric lines, random graphics and images drawn with minute pen strokes.

Larry's background has included serving in the U.S. Navy, being a disc jockey, owning his own radio production company and insurance sales and training, all of which, in some form, utilized his creativity. He has thoroughly enjoyed bicycle touring and backpacking with his wife Barb and friends. And, though he no longer backpacks, he loves hiking in the great outdoors as well as scrapbooking.